A portrait photo of Friedjoff.


Starting yet another year with new years resolutions, wasn’t my goal this time. Instead the post A Philosophical Start to 2023 by Albert Wenger made significantly more sense to me.


The second season Parlement was as much fun and educational as the first one, although a bit more like a glossy Hollywood production. Still highly recommended. I was surprised to learn that there is a third season in production, given the many closed storylines.

Folding A4 paper sheets really is a great analogy for scale.


In terms of podcast I started the year slowly. How meditation can help with crises like climate change is well explained in the MIT Technology Review podcast with philosopher and consciousness researcher Thomas Metzinger.

That the German real estate market is pretty broken in parts is vividly described in the seven-part podcast series Teurer Wohnen.

Reading & Writing

In the somewhat heated political debate on mobility, this assessment of road expansion projects (German) contributes a few interesting facts. I’m still looking for a basic and up-to-date book on the topic of mobility and public transit.

In my spare time, I continue to work my way through the novel Internat by Serhij Zhadan. Calm yet radical, the reader is taken on a harrowing journey through a war zone. Reminds me again and again of the outstanding computer game This War of Mine.

Reading The End of Writing and The Year of the Personal Website got me started writing again. These are my first steps…